Compass Ministry

Compass Ministries is the evangelization arm of Calvary Community Church.  The focus of Compass Ministries is to help the uneducated and the lost find their way home to Christ.  Many people wander the earth,  thinking that they are on the right path.  Often times, however, they are lost in the woods and are walking in circles- repeatedly going down the same destructive paths they’ve traveled down many times before.  Without a guide or a compass they will perish in the wilderness.  Those involved with Compass Ministries go out into the world seeking the lost and guiding them to the road that leads to everlasting life and helping provide them with the compass of God’s word to ensure that they won’t again be lost or lured away.

Believers  involved in Compass Ministries have and continue to undergo training in evangelism.  The current curriculum is “The Way Of The Master” by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.  The goal is always to  apply what we have learned on an individual basis in our day to day living.  This is coupled with organized outreach events in the form of attendance to and witnessing at community activities, neighborhood canvassing, and special invitations to community functions.  Currently, Compass Ministries is organizing a community Family Night hosted at Calvary Community Church.  The family night consists of a homemade dinner followed by a movie. If you would like to be involved with Compass Ministries,  please contact us at Calvary Community Church.   All believers in our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome.

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