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Calvary Community Church  host KLWD 91.9 FM Gillette and KWCF 89.3 FM Sheridan which is  broadcasting inspirational and informative programming 24 hours a day..offering hope for each new day and teaching to help you grow in your faith journey!  Come and visit are Facebook page and Like us here!


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  1. I listen to your station. I have some original worship songs. How should I go about recording them, and getting them on the radio?

    • Thanks for Listening Christopher! Do you live in Gillette? If so you can drop off some sample music.. or send it to us. If you looking for help recording you can contact me by email or stop on by (I happen to record music a little and could at least help you get started).

  2. While listening this station on my way to work his morning about 4:30 am you were playing a recording by Dr. David Jeremiah in which he was confessing the sins of men for the poor treatment of women. Where can I get that recording? I have many women I would love to share that with.

    • Sorry for the long time it’s taken to reply…

      You can find the Dr. Jeremiah’s archived sermons here.

      It looks like the sermons that aired on the 13th and 14th are these:
      Heaven’s Oscars

      Hope that helps.

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